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We are Sarah Jones creative UPCYCLING

We are specialist artisans of upcycling home décor. We don't do 'Same, Same'.

Are you looking for a unique piece to complement or dress up your living space?

Tired of manufactured, throw away, mass market homeware? True, there are beautiful pieces out there. But they don't always have character or a story behind them

Welcome to Sarah Jones Upcycling.
We operate a Retail based Upcycling, Upskilling and Consultancy business.

Do you like classic, unique pieces?
Ever wondered how you can create or own pieces?
Need some direction to bring together what you already have?

You've come to the right place!

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  • All retail stock has been carefully handpicked by us. We look for uniqueness in all our pieces, so that we can offer something different to complement or enhance your décor.
  • We don't do 'Same, Same'.
  • So if it sells in major stores, you probably won't find it in our store. We also make our items available on Trade Me.
  • Our stock turns over regularly, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee the availability of our unique upcycled pieces…best you come and see first hand in store!
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  • Not sure how to best enhance a living space, or perhaps stage your home/venue for that special occasion?
  • Would like to freshen your décor for everyday living
  • Do you plan to host a special event (Wedding/Photography)
  • Do you want to 'Best Dress' your interior preparing your home for the property market
  • Glenn can guide you through the process so you can benefit from his 45 years+ expertise
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Upskilling Workshops

Ever wondered how one off pieces come to look so great?

Glenn will teach you the techniques to upcycle and repurpose different furniture items.

Let Glenn teach you what to look for to expand your creative eye.

  • Floor and Wall Finishes
  • Furniture refinishing - painted or re-polished
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Upholstery
  • Colour Planning

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