WHAT IS Sarah Jones?

Artisans of Creative Upclycling

Sarah Jones is the name of the retail outlet store of Glenn McDean and Roger Musgrove.

Glenn and Roger are long term residents of the Wairarapa, Eketahuna and Woodville regions

faithfully supporting these regions through business and community support initiatives.

They operate an exciting Retail based Upcycling, Upskilling and Consultancy business.

Glenn McDean sitting on Upcycled Couch with Dog.
Glenn McDean

GlenN McDean

At the age of 14 Glenn was apprenticed to a leading interior design and decorative arts studio to be trained in the art of decorative finishes.

He acquired the delicate skills of manipulating paints and mediums in the finest English tradition, gilding being one of the master crafts of the time.

A Master Decorator for more than 45 years, Glenn has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients. His work has featured in restaurants, offices, hotels and also in many homes in Australia and further abroad.

In 1994 Glenn was awarded the Housing Industries Award for 'The Best Use of Paint', thereby receiving official recognition of his talent.

After opening his own studio, 'Trompe & Circumstance', Glenn became a internationally sought after teacher of Gilding and Paint Finishes techniques.

An accomplished author of the book 'The Gilding Kit (available worldwide)', Glenn has been able to showcase his impressive range of skills and talent by combining various decorative finished utilising an array of Gilding techniques.

Glenn holds dearly the philosophy that no item should be discarded and that anything can become a unique and useful object to upcycle. Come and find some of those items at our Woodville retail shop  'SARAH JONES'

Our focus through years of relationship building allows us to partner closely with our clients and tradespeople, seeking excellence in all areas of our work.